Thursday, January 29, 2015

Get Organized With Printable Stickers

Getting and staying organized with you calendar doesn't have to be boring. Try making it fun with these adorable printable stickers.

In case you've never printed stickers before - it's easy and you don't need a special machine. Your regular printer and some sticker paper from your local office supply store is all you need.

Here are a couple sites that offer free printable stickers that can help you remember appointments, bills and school activities, all while being colorful and fun.


Ms Wenduhh

The House on Hillbrook

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Best Marriage Advice Ever

My hubby and I have a couple friends who are engaged to be married, and since we have been happily married for almost 18 years we get asked for advice a lot.

Here is the absolute best marriage advice there is....Talk.

More importantly Talk and Listen to each other.

Talk about everything. Kids. Money. Religion. Politics.

Where your kids will go to school if you want kids (public, private or homeschool)? Will one of you stay home with the child/children or will they go to daycare? Will you have separate checking/savings accounts or combine them into one account? Do you both celebrate the same holidays? Do you both share the same views of religion? What about politics - do you share the same ideology?

Anything that is important to you needs to be discussed.

If you can't talk to your potential mate about something or they won't listen or discuss it - then you really should hold off getting married. Get these important issues settled before you tie the knot. This is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. You should be able to tell him/her anything.

Another very important piece of advice is...Don't expect your partner to change.

Accept them the way they are.

If they are an absolute neat freak or continually leave messes everywhere just assume that's they way they will stay. Maybe they are obsessed with sports or she loves to collect scrapbooking supplies. That's who they are. Accept it.

We have seen too many people go into relationships wanting something while their partner didn't. A common problem we see is one wants kids and the other doesn't. Either resign yourself to the fact that kids aren't in your future or move on to someone who more shares your view for the future.

If it's important to you it should be discussed and both partners should agree to a common decision. 

Working out these issues prior to getting married will cut down on some of the main reasons for divorce.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Broken Phone...What to Do?

How many times have you dropped your phone? Have you cracked the screen? Do you have a broken phone sitting in a drawer somewhere? 

A few months ago, my son broke his Apple iPod. He was devastated!  He carried it around everywhere. He used FaceTime to talk with friends, take photos, and play games.

Well like many families, we didn't have an extra $250 laying around to purchase a new one, so I started doing some searching online about how to repair it.

There are repair kits I could purchase from Amazon and eBay, but I didn't feel comfortable taking the entire iPod apart. I didn't want to cause more damage, so I tried to find a company to fix it for us.

That's when I found  You submit what type of electronic you have, what you need done, etc. to their free service, and they will have local technicians offer you quotes to repair it. You pick who you want to contact, if any. 

I received quotes from 4 technicians in my area, but selected one who would pick up and return the iPod for $80. Not cheap, but way better than getting a new one.

Then two weeks later, I broke my iPhone 4, but the same technician wasn't available. I was shopping at a local Radio Shack and noticed they were also able to make repairs. Not all Radio Shack stores offer repairs so check online for the one closest to you.   My phone was done in less than an hour and cost roughly $80 as well.

I have to say it isn't cheap to get the electronics fixed, but it's better than having it sit in a drawer broken.